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Today's business leaders face unprecedented challenges, and the integrated complexity of these problems requires diverse and collaborative approaches to solve. We need inspiration, innovation and inclusion.

If you work in a business and aim to leave the world a better place than you found it, we have something to share with you...

What We Do

We advise small-to-medium enterprises to create net positive impact via integrated multi-capital planning, long-range strategic development and systems-level holistic design. 

Said simply - we help business systems to think, plan and act for the long-term.

What is Net Positive? 

Net Positive is a new way of doing business which creates an overall - or 'net' - positive impact. It means a business is adding more value to society than it takes; and it means the business is setting ambitious targets across spheres and verticals where there may be little-to-no direct control.

Net Positive requires new mental models, theories, frameworks and partnerships; and those who wait to take action will likely be obsolete as we enter this new era of business.

Our Services

Understand your readiness to create generative social impact across the value chain. 

We advise businesses using a six-capital model that fosters integrated thinking and development.

Through a series of facilitated discussions and activities with key stakeholders, we'll help your organisation evaluate its Strategy, Governance Structure, Business Model Risks & Opportunities, and Overall Resource Allocation.

Then, incorporating evidence and research centered on external insights and trends in your industry, we'll provide you with a customised report showcasing your potential Net Positive Performance and Outlook.


The six-capital model for sustainable business includes: 

Enhance your strategy with an equity lens inclusive of all stakeholders.

We co-design business strategies and roadmaps that ensure sustainable impact in and on all stakeholders.

Whether you're just developing your strategy or have had one in place for years, we'll help you enhance your position with holistic stakeholder engagement that gathers their perspectives on the pressing social and environmental issues facing your business community. 

Then, using the latest evidence and trends in Global Sustainability and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), we'll integrate your stakeholder data to help set ambitious targets across spheres and verticals that include non-financial factors material to your business.


Our approach better ensures your business solutions encompass real-time and diverse input; and often helps identify new opportunities for value creation and market share.

Move your organization from vision to impact with transparency and trust.

In today's business world, sustainability pledges and strategies are not enough - stakeholders want businesses to take action with accountability.

We advise on the development of integrated reporting frameworks to ensure quality measurement, evaluation and monitoring for the long-term.

We'll help you templatize your sustainability plan to ensure quality goal setting followed by concrete targets that include key performance indicators backed by integrated and verifiable measures. 

We'll then provide guiding direction for social impact reporting (to supplement your financial reports) that helps you showcase your net positive progress transparently to all stakeholders.


We believe that sustainability initiatives require 'all hands' to be successful, so we design plans that can be understood by all stakeholders - from senior leaders to frontline contributors.

Build Competitive Advantage with Sustainable Leadership 

"Sustainable Leadership is a style of management that drives solutions for environmental, social and economic challenges in the world. It recognizes leadership as a process of influence and breaks down silos to combine efforts towards change and transformation" (WDHB, 2022).

We work with business leaders and governing boards to establish a foundation for sustainable leadership and guide teams to Net Positive Readiness and Action through developmental coaching, educational workshops and trainings. 

We expose leaders to the latest evidence and trends in Global Sustainability and introduce integrated frameworks that help bridge departments, divisions and diverse perspectives so that organisations can reduce siloed action and stimulate whole-system change.


Our primary goal is to extend the time horizon for business planning and evaluation so that leaders innovate toward solutions that positively impact future generations.

For International Alignment

At Sable, we are guided by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

We advise business leaders to identify sustainable targets material to their business, then translate local context(s) to meet the Global Goals.

The UN Global Goals stimulate action across 17 areas of critical importance for Humanity and Earth and include 169 targets that businesses in all countries can use to guide their efforts toward a more just and sustainable business (and world).

Areas of Expertise

At Sable, we use evidence-informed practices combined with the latest verifiable research from across disciplines and industries to ensure diverse perspectives and inclusive opportunities for all types of business. The following sections include resources and literature to gain foundational understanding in some of the key practices, methods and approaches we use to help reach our goals. 

The Future is

Are you ready?